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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Tributes to the heroes of 9/11, public safety, and all branches of the military are among the hundreds of trademarked designs in this dramatic Tribute Collection. Exquisite craftsmanship, amazing details, and high stitch counts—most with over 150,000 stitches—are a few of the reasons these emblems are treasured by collectors around the world.
  • Unique, trademarked designs
  • Amazing detail and master craftsmanship
  • Over 150,000 stitches in most 12” emblems!
  • Choose from hundreds of Emblems, T-Shirts, Hoodies,
    Challenge Coins, Pins, & More
  • 12” Emblems available framed and ready to hang.
Do you have an emblem, seal or idea that you’d like made into an expertly embroidered 12” tribute emblem, suitable for framing?
  • Build Esprit de Corps
  • Up to 13x13”
  • Ready-to-hang frames available
  • Over 150,000 stitches in most 12” emblems


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